See what you breathe

Foobot is an indoor air quality monitor. It can smell the invisible, odorless pollutants in your environment and makes them visible through its LED display. In one glance, the color and breadth of its glow will let you know whether your air feels more like a forest in the Alps or a freeway in L.A.

Track the airborne pollutants that impact your health

The Foobot app educates you on the causes and consequences of your activities and how they affect air quality at each of the monitoring locations in your home. It provides you with real-time readings and charts of each pollutant over a period of time, starting from day one. Now, you’ll be able to identify pollution sources and patterns more easily.

Foobot reinforces good habits, as you will stay informed of what’s going on inside your home in order to be more reactive and avoid health problems

Spot the sources of pollution and eliminate them

Foobot alerts you when a pollution spike occurs, along with the type of pollutant and how much pollution you’re dealing with.

Connect the dots. Have you introduced a new product into your home? A new behavior? Nip it in the bud thanks to Foobot.

Complex topic made simple

Just glance at Foobot to know where your air stands.

No need to have a PhD to understand your air. Foobot compiles the data collected from its four sensors. Then, it assembles an overall score that reflects the air quality index of your home on a scale from 0 to 100.

Foobot Air Quality Control Monitor